June 6, 2020

Our priority is to provide safe and caring learning experiences for our students and staff, even as we recognize the many ways we can improve in this pursuit. To all our school family, including and especially our students and staff of color who may need to hear that they are welcome, valued and celebrated at Lee’s Summit R-7 Schools, please hear our commitment to continuing our work toward this end.

Following the local, statewide, and national unrest that has followed the tragic death of Mr. George Floyd, we want to make clear that all acts of hate and violence, including racism, bigotry, and discrimination, are not tolerated in the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District.

For LSR7, this chapter in our nation’s history reinforces the importance of education in our society. Our district’s vision prioritizes a culture of respect and acceptance, and our charge as educators is to teach and guide future generations who are critical thinkers, culturally competent, and productive citizens. This begins with fostering a sense of dignity and belonging for all students. We are in the business of shaping young lives and we collectively own the actions of all our students. We celebrate our students’ successes and find ways to teach them when their judgment falters. LSR7 strives to grow our students into socially aware and empathetic young adults.

To that end, we are sharing educational resources in this newsletter to assist families interested in having critical conversations with their children. We are strongest and most powerful when we work together. It is important that we remain focused on building the world we want to see for our children.

Dr. Emily Miller
Interim Superintendent