October 24, 2020

By Robin Blakely

Teens need mentors and Pro Deo Youth Center provides access to resources that help kids find their way.

According to Elaine Metcalf, Executive Director of Pro Deo Youth Center, “In spite of COVID-19, the Pro Deo teens had a wonderful experience this week with a variety of speakers who shared their career wisdom and encouragement in person and on zoom.”

One of the seven speakers in the Career Day lineup was Kansas City writer/producer Steve Scearcy, who created the movie “13 Midnights,” a spooky anthology of true tales that is now showing on Amazon’s Prime Video. The movie trailer can be viewed at www.13midnights.com

Scearcy said, “My message for the Pro Deo teens is a simple one: follow your passion and chase your dreams. That’s precisely what I have done in my own career. My love of stories has propelled me forward in a creative career that has included stage, screen, and authoring books. There are three elements that you need to make a dream come true: education, drive and passion.”

Pro Deo is looking for speakers for Spring 2021. If you or someone you know wants to make a difference in the life of a teenager at Pro Deo Youth Center, consider becoming a SPARK speaker.

Find out more at https://www.creativecenterofamerica.com/spark.