SCA Seniors Franklin and Tony Zhang are international students taking SCA’s eCampus model from their home town of Fuzhou, China. Franklin and Tony created video footage of their community to share with elementary and secondary students for SCA’s International Education Week.

November 21, 2020

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) recently celebrated their 9th annual International Education Week (IEW). International Education Week is part of SCA’s commitment to building a global community throughout the school. During IEW, K-12 students engage in educational opportunities including games, presentations, and cuisine from across the globe.

This year SCA’s eight international students from England, Peru, China, and South Korea, along with students in SCA’s World Language Classes, shared various countries and cultures with fellow SCA students by creating and sharing videos. Videos were shown in elementary and secondary classes throughout the week and included regional games, cooking classes, and real footage from SCA students living in Fazhou, China.