December 19, 2020

Jackson County Legislator Theresa Cass Galvin, County Legislator recently presented One Good Meal with a Jackson County Legislature Resolution in recognition of their 25th anniversary.


A RESOLUTION congratulating One Good Meal on the occasion of its twenty-fifth anniversary of providing meal assistance to elderly and home-bound residents of Jackson County.

RESOLUTION NO. 20582, December 7, 2020

INTRODUCED BY Theresa Cass Galvin, County Legislator

WHEREAS, One Good Meal was founded in 1995 by Betty McKnought who realized when her 90-year-old friend Carolyn reached out for help, that the need for meal assistance in the area had exceeded the capacity of the local Meals on Wheels program; and,

WHEREAS, Betty and her daughter Roberta, organized a group of five volunteers with the mission to serve one meal a day for five days a week to those in need, regardless of income; and,

WHEREAS, One Good Meal, an all-volunteer service organization with no paid staff, has raised funds to support its programs through various campaigns, selling cookbooks, penny drives, nut sales, garage sales, and more recently, a gala and golf tournament; and,

WHEREAS, as part of its mission, One Good Meal operates without the restrictions that come with most government funding programs which limit menus and clients, giving it the flexibility to provide direct assistance in the community; and,

WHEREAS, at present, One Good Meal serves 155 clients with twelve delivery routes, 159 volunteers, which includes nine board members, operating under the passionate direction of Roberta McArthur who works tirelessly leading a team of volunteers who assemble and deliver hot meals to seniors and home-bound individuals five days a week in the Jackson County community; and,

WHEREAS, throughout its twenty-five-year history, One Good Meal has touched the lives of numerous residents in need, sometimes as the only contact the clients have with the outside world, improving their health, diet, and quality of life; now therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the County Legislature of Jackson County, Missouri, that the Legislature hereby congratulates One Good Meal on the occasion of its twenty-fifth anniversary and extends best wishes on their future endeavors.