February 3, 2021

Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. happily received two buckets of world famous buffalo wings today after winning a friendly football wager with Erie County, New York County Executive Mark Poloncarz. The Chiefs beat the Buffalo Bills 38-24 in the AFC Championship game sending them to the Superbowl for the second straight year.

“I know better than anyone how sports can bring a community together so I appreciate my colleague for helping me build on the game’s excitement no matter which team you cheer for or the outcome,” said Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. “I want to thank County Executive Poloncarz for his good sportsmanship and congratulate the Bills on a great season.”

County Executive White delivered the wings and bleu cheese from the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York to Jackson County Health Department staff and volunteers who are administering the COVID-19 vaccine at John Knox Village in Lee’s Summit. In addition to the buffalo wings for lunch today, staff and volunteers also enjoyed food from Kansas City’s own Gates Bar-B-Q.

“The staff and volunteers have sacrificed so much during this pandemic that the least we can do is show our appreciation with lunch,” White said. “They are doing a great job giving vaccines and treating everyone with respect, while still conducting COVID testing clinics across the County. Their work is absolutely essential and it’s important we all recognize and acknowledge that often, not only in what we say, but what we do.”