Tribune Photo/Dan Hall US Representative, Vicki Hartzler announces her candidacy for US Senate to replace retiring US Senator, Roy Blunt, US Representative Hartzler spoke at Frontier Justice in Lee’s Summit Thursday morning. Approximately 100 supporters cheered her formal announcement speech.

June 12, 2021

By Dan Hall
Lee’s Summit Tribune

US Representative, Vicky Hartzler, is running for the U.S. Senate in 2022 to replace retiring US Senator Roy Blunt. Speaking to an enthusiastic Lee’s Summit crowd, of some 100 citizens, Representative Hartzler said she was running for the US Senate “to protect our freedoms and preserve America’s greatness with a vision that puts our country first.” She said that, “restoring America requires conservative solutions and results. Getting our country back on track will take hard work, faith, and commonsense.”

Following a 25 minute speech, US Representative, Vicky Hartzler, sat down for questions from this reporter. She was asked if she, like US Senator Roy Blunt, would continue to support the policies of past president, Donald Trump. Policies such as Border Security and strengthening the US Economy. She said that she recently visited the Mexico/US border and “found the border wall in shambles, just like Joe Biden’s immigration policies.”

She witnessed metal border wall materials which had been left to rust following the January 20th Biden inauguration. As US Senator, she would support completing the border wall and support reinstating previous administration border immigration policies. She added that she would support Trump’s policies in foreign affairs, particularly, as they embraced close support of American allies such as Israel.

Asked about what she would do as Senator to address US economic issues, she would support Trump era policies to cut taxes and reduce burdensome federal regulations. Hartzler would also support US policies to bring jobs back to America’s workers from overseas.

During her announcement speech, she said her having been reared on a Missouri farm and ranch helped her appreciate the values of hard work. Hard work that she has continued to do as a US Representative. She recited several important pieces of federal legislation that had received bi-partisan support and were signed into law. Concerning her faith, Hartzler said she prays over issues that she must decide as a US Congresswoman and would continue to do so as a Missouri US Senator.