June 12, 2021

One of the questions from last week was, if I use my Medigap (also called Medical Supplement insurance) too much in the course of a year, can they cancel me?

So here would be a good example of using your Medigap or even Medicare Advantage plan quite a bit in the course of a year. You have knee replacement surgery and need home health care along with 5 days a week physical therapy and it lasts 6 months. That example is a lot of medical care in a 6-month period. The insurance company cannot cancel your plan. They have to pay the medical bills. The Medigap plan can only cancel you if you fail to pay your premiums. Medicare Advantage plans cannot drop you for any medical reasons. Medicare Advantage Plans must continue coverage, unless they decide to discontinue the plan. In which case, everyone on that plan would need to move to another option. If you have creditable coverage, you will be able to obtain another Medicare Advantage plan, even if you have had high medical expenses in the past.

Did you know that if you have Tricare for life from your military service that there are plans that are $0 premium plans, and they add to your Tricare and make it even better than what you already have. There is no additional cost, and it does not affect your Tricare insurance at all.

Until next week stay safe and stay informed and stay cool, it’s getting warm.
Nick Swearngin
Licensed Sales Representative