Press Release

June 26, 2021

Show Me Integrity, Missouri’s cross-partisan good government reform organization, is holding a community meeting to assemble a team of voters in Lee’s Summit as part of its statewide tour to stop lobbyists and special interests’ repeated attacks on Missourians’ freedom to use the citizen initiative process.

The meeting will take place Wednesday, Jun. 30 at 5:30 p.m. at the Gamber Center located at 4 SE Independence Ave. in Lee’s Summit.

The meeting will feature Benjamin Singer, Executive Director of Show Me Integrity; former Senator Bob Johnson; and a cross-partisan coalition of Missouri voters.

The community meeting will bring together Republicans, Democrats, and independents in Senate District 8. Speakers will discuss corruption, the work Show Me Integrity is doing to protect the citizen initiative, and how we can take action to defend our democracy.

The message of the meeting, according to the group is that, “Special interests and lobbyists have taken over our political system. Now, they want to severely limit the citizen initiative process because they know that it’s the only way for citizens to directly propose amendments that could reduce their power and influence. Citizens voting for ballot initiatives gives more freedom to voters and is more effective than voting for candidates in order to make positive change.”

“Missouri politicians are trying to dramatically limit our constitutional right to access and use the citizen initiative process, while telling us it’s for our own good. This is nothing more than a deceitful attempt to take power from us and give it to themselves.”

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