The Missouri State Highway Patrol is taking part in the American Association of State Troopers’ “2021 America’s Best Looking Cruiser Contest” and invites the public to vote for the MSHP’s cruiser.

The 2021 MSHP submission features a marked, black MSHP Dodge Charger sitting in front of a rustic barn with the U.S. flag painted on it in rural California, MO.

The contest runs through 11:00 a.m. Tuesday, August 3, 2021. This year’s contest will be tabulated through the SurveyMonkey website. To cast your vote in the “2021 Best Looking Cruiser Contest” you can access the website link through the AAST Facebook page or go directly to Vote Missouri For 2021 Best Cruiser! and scroll through the state agency photos. At the bottom of the page, please select “Missouri” as your favorite cruiser from the drop-down menu. Agency rankings will be posted on the Facebook page daily. Only votes made through SurveyMonkey will be official and recorded. You can vote once on each of your personal devices from now through 12 p.m., August 2, 2021.

“Likes” and comments are nice, but only votes for the Missouri State Highway Patrol photo via SurveyMonkey count for the Association of State Troopers’ contest. This is the eighth year of the AAST “Best Looking Cruiser Contest,” which is intended to be a fun competition between the states. Last year, Missouri’s photo took 11th place.