December 10, 2021

Missouri State Attorney General Eric Schmitt sent a letter to the Jackson County Legislature today regarding the mask mandate resolution the body will be considering on Monday morning, Dec. 13.


December 10, 2021
Jackson County Legislature
415 E 12th Street
Kansas City, Missouri 64106
Re: Illegal Mask Mandate (Proposed Resolution 20844)

Dear Members of the Jackson County Legislature,

It appears that on Monday you will consider Resolution 20844 that purports to reinstate the previous–and still—illegal mask mandate. I urge you to stop imposing mask mandates, especially ones that make five-year-olds criminals.

As the chief legal officer of the State of Missouri, it is my duty to interpret and enforce the law. Resolution 20844 violates state law and this body has no authority to approve or issue a mask mandate for a host of reasons. After Robinson, local public health authorities may not issue such public health orders. State law also prohibits reviving the illegal mask mandate under §67.265, RSMo. Neither the Charter nor state law permits you to issue an illegal order.

Let Missourians make health decisions for themselves and their families. Yesterday, St. Louis County finally acknowledged that their order could not withstand legal scrutiny. If you choose to move forward with an illegal order on Monday, my office will take action.

Very Truly Yours,
Eric S. Schmitt
Attorney General