December 11, 2021

In a continued effort to provide safe and contactless customer service for their residents, Jackson County is announcing today that it is once again waiving the online convenience and electronic check (ACH) fees for this year’s property tax payments.

The fees will be waived through December 31, 2021 for those who pay their property taxes online through County’s official portal myJacksonCounty. Residents are strongly encouraged to pay online to avoid long wait times in person due to limited staffing at the downtown County Courthouse and Historic Truman Courthouse in Independence.

“With the pandemic ongoing, we still have a responsibility to provide a safe way for residents to conduct business with us,” said Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. “We know that waiving these fees is an effective way to do that and encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity by making their payment using our contactless and easy online system.”

“We have made the decision to waive the $2.00 convenience fee and $1.25 ACH fee within myJacksonCounty to incentivize our residents to pay online,” said Whitney Miller, Director of Collection. “myJacksonCounty is an incredibly user friendly and secure way to pay your property taxes, all without having to leave the house. Online credit card payments will still incur a 2.75% fee.”

How to pay Jackson County property taxes online:


Create an account or continue as guest

Link account and search by name, address or property account number

View and pay your bills

Print or digitally store your receipts

Other contactless payment options:

Exterior drop boxes for property tax payments are located at the west door of the Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City (415 E. 12th St.) and at the south door of the Historic Truman Courthouse in Independence (112 W. Lexington).

Taxpayers can also mail their payment to the address on their bill. Payments must be received or USPS postmarked by December 31 to avoid penalty.

As a reminder, all County locations and the online payment vendor’s offices will be closed on December 31, 2021 in observation of the New Year.