January 8, 2022

I am running to represent the people of Lee’s Summit City Council District 2. I do not like the direction that we’ve been headed. We need a fresh voice and perspective.

Across the Nation our cities are gradually slipping away. Police defunding, pornography in our school libraries, increased crime and drugs, and businesses shutting down are all just a few of the problems we face and will continue to face.

We need leaders willing to work together to keep our city a desirable place to raise a family as well as bringing in new revenue streams. I am in a unique position to identify and understand the trials that families face daily. I also know the trials and obstacles that face the business community. I am confident that I can and will represent the concerns and needs of the citizens of my district and exceed their expectations.

When talking with District 2 citizens, I hear these issues over and over. Economic Development, the School board, and increasing crime are very important issues. Government over-reach is also a large concern for people. I think government officials need to be held accountable by the people who elect them. It seems the direction that our city is going has been based on the desires of officials instead of the desires of the people they represent.

It would be my privilege and honor to represent District 2 as your Councilwoman in Lee’s Summit, the city that I am proud to call my home.

My roots are simple—I grew up in poverty. I know what hard work is and how to get the job done with limited resources. I am grateful to our God because with faith, hard work, and determination, we can overcome. Why? Because we live in America, we can raise ourselves from poverty to prosperity.

My working career has ranged from being a stay-at-home mom, a Real Estate agent, International Manufacturing Procurement agent, to a Senior Account Executive with C.H. Robinson Worldwide for the last eleven years. I have never forgotten where I came from and will always try to encourage people of what they are capable of and what they can achieve.

In our Nation many families have made tremendous sacrifices in the name of Freedom. My grandfather gave his life in WW II. My other grandfather served as a fighter pilot and my five uncles all served in wars from Korea to Vietnam. Patriotism is in my blood. I believe in God, Family and Country.

I am a long-time member of Connection Point church. My charity work includes, Bibles for the World, Wounded Warriors, Food for the Hungry, Restoration House, and the international fellowship of Christians and Jews. My husband and I just funded the construction of our second bomb shelter in Israel which we dedicated to our late son. I have been blessed in my life and my desire is to serve and help.