January 22, 2022

Submitted by Dr. Joseph A. Yacaginsky

Dr. Joe’s Life is saturated with Education.

When he was young, his Mother said “Joe, You really can’t get too much Education. It’s that good.”

Joe went on from High School, to a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education at Rutgers University. He next achieved a Master’s of Education at the State University of New York at Cortland. His Third degree was received from Pensacola Christian College, a Master’s in Educational Administration. He finished his schooling at Monroe, Louisiana: Louisiana Baptist University, where he graduated cum laude in the Philosophy of Educational Administration, a Ph.D.

In the process He earned membership in the National Honor Society, Dean’s Listings, and President of his School’s Graduating Class.

He was Captain of both his school’s Football and Baseball Teams, earned Membership in International Key Club; was selected for the Mayoral Conference Team, became a published author c. 1998; International Scholars Publications. He was a seated Chairperson for the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Committee representing the Academia Los Pinares in Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

In line with this Educational process, Dr. Joe went to work for several different school systems; bringing vigor and innovation to all whom he encountered. His educational fervor and love for children inundated every class he taught. He traveled and experienced Education in atmospheres as diverse as Honduras to New York City. His teachings at Institutions such as the Vestal Central School System drew accolades of National Honors at the times of his workings therein. He developed procedures and policies that flourish long after his moving on to newer heights in the Educational world. His institution of the FITNESSGRAM program in New York City remains a standard to this day. At the Academy in Honduras Dr. Joe attained the level of “Maestro”. He chaired the SACS Certification process of the School. It was during this era that he became a Published Author via International Scholars.

His whole life has been one, gigantic Educational Process… much like unto all of us.

The Doctor’s Motivation; He Love Kids!!!

Therefore, his Modus Operandi for everything he does, emanates from this basic design. He has had an amazing life! He is extremely grateful to those who have made it possible… and Educators rank at the top of this list. He has a tremendous respect for those we call “Teachers”. He knows we have a extraordinary grouping of said in this Community we call Lee’s Summit. He wants to keep them here., and draw others, of a similar ilk.

One of his projected theses is based on the release of pent-up emotions for the Teacher. Through self participation, he has discovered a remarkable means of just this process. We are Blessed with a Wonderful facility, most reasonably priced in our Community; it’s nomenclature? Legacy Park. Dr. Joe would like to set up a program, making it a part of the Teacher’s lifestyle, should they choose, to enable them a membership at this facility; to swim, to relax, play tennis, softball, or racquetball; to run at the indoor elevated track, to play “pickleball”; to physically work out those stresses encountered each and every day of their working lives.

We are, indeed fortunate individuals to live the lives we do here in The Summit. We need to work, to ensure things stay that way and, if anything, get better. This is the philosophy perpetuated by Dr. Joseph A. Yacaginsky.

Make sure You get out and vote !!!!