Scott Thompson, Michael Ortiz, and Daryl Ward

February 19, 2022

On Saturday, February 12, 2022 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at 850 Southeast Church Street in Lee’s Summit, a new stake presidency was sustained for the Kansas City Stake. A stake is a large ecclesiastical governing body over several congregations. The Kansas City Stake has 8 wards, or congregations, and has offices in Lee’s Summit. Three wards are in Lee’s Summit, two in south Kansas City, one in Harrisonville, one in the Fleming Park area, and one in Blue Springs. The new stake leadership consists of President G. Michael Ortiz and First Counselor Scott Thompson, who both served previously, and newly sustained Second Counselor Daryl Ward.

Patty and Daryl Ward

Daryl and Patty Ward moved to the Lee’s Summit area a couple of years ago as their business, Sow Right Seeds, outgrew their former location in Overland Park. Daryl is a former attorney. He and Patty have five children: four daughters who live out of state and a son who attends Lee’s Summit High school. Daryl previously served as a High Councilor for the Kansas City Stake of the church.