March 12, 2022

Through March, Debra Lawrence, owner of a local boutique-style photography studio, Abundant Moments Photography, is gathering up donations from local businesses and taking boutique style pictures of 32 dogs.

Each of the dog families will pay a $99 donation to Pawportunities, a local charity who fosters dogs in unfortunate circumstances and gets our furry friends up to date on vaccinations, and spays and neuters them. For their donation, each family will received a portrait gift from Abundant Moments and a “sWag” bag of goodies all donated by local businesses.

To make it even more fun, all 32 dogs will be entered in an online bracketed style competition designed to parallel the basketball playoffs. The winner at the end of March will go on to a national competition with other winners from photography studios around the country.

Thanks to sponsors, the final four winners each receive a fun prize bag with lots of goodies donated from local businesses.

In early April, Abundant Moments hopes to present a check to Pawportunites in the amount of $3,200.

Last year they had 12 local businesses donate goodies for the swag bags and 16 dogs were photographed. They were able to donate $1,600 to Paws for Autism.