May 21, 2022

Submitted by Phyllis Edson

Phyllis Edson, Lee’s Summit District 3 Councilmember, recently filed to run for District 6 Jackson County Legislator, Edson filed as a Republican for the August 2 Primary Election.

Edson first ran for city council representing District 3 in 2016 and then ran for re-election in 2020.

“The past six years serving my constituents on city council has been an honor,” said Edson. “Now I would like to represent the people of District 6 and be a voice for them on the County Legislature.”

Edson said her experience on council influenced her decision to run.

“Until I served on city council I didn’t fully appreciate the impact local government has on quality of life issues. I’ve been so proud to help people with issues that affect their daily living such as stormwater, public safety and emergency services,” she said.

Edson added that serving on council during the pandemic also affected her decision.

“It is so important for city, county and state elected officials to communicate with one another and the citizens especially during times of crisis,” she said. “I think we all learned some lessons the past two years.”

Edson said most people don’t realize the breadth of her experience and education in politics. She said her first experience was in college when she interned for then-Governor John Ashcroft and newly-elected Senator Kit Bond at the same time. “My father was on a first name basis and was friends with both Ashcroft and Bond, and I asked him if could get me an internship. He told me if that was something I wanted, I needed to go do it. So, I did. I then got hired to work for Senator Bond in his Jefferson City office. Later, I left that job but returned to work on his first senate re-election campaign,” she said. After that she worked in government affairs for the largest health care provider in Kansas City at the time.

In addition to her work experience, Edson has a degree in journalism and a master’s and doctorate in political science and public administration. For several years, she volunteered at Missouri Girls State, encouraging young women to get involved in politics and in their communities.

Edson has lived in Jackson County since 1992 when she and her husband Jim relocated to Independence. In 2000, they moved to Lee’s Summit where they raised their four children, Michael, Paige, Eric and Jay. She and Jim have been married for 33 years.

Currently, Edson owns Edson Research LLC and works with a variety of business and non-profits conducting communication and leadership assessments, trainings and other services.