July 9, 2022

The American Solar Challenge is back! Solar cars will leave the Independence Square at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Jul. 9, following the Oregon National Historic Trail from Independence, MO to Twin Falls, ID. They are anticipated to be passing through Raytown at 9:15 a.m. traveling on Blue Ridge Blvd.

The American Solar Challenge is a solar-powered vehicle event which challenges teams of college students to design, build, and drive their solar cars on a pre-determined route. Along the route are a series of stage stops and checkpoints, which provide an opportunity for the public to come out and see the cars up close. There are viewing opportunities all along the 1470+ mile route to see the solar cars escorted by their lead and chase vehicles with amber flashing lights and signage.

Racing teams are from University of Kentucky, MIT, Florida, UC Berkeley, UT Austin, Iowa State, Michigan State, Illinois State, Illinois, British Columbia, Principia, Minnesota, Georgia Tech, Poly Montreal, Calgary, Virginia, NC State, ETS, Kansas, Western Michigan, and Appalachian State. Get out to cheer on the teams and see some great student-built Solar cars.