July 30, 2022

The children are our future. There is a reason presidents, politicians, and graduation ceremonies have declared this for generations. It may sound cliché, but it’s 100% true. Rachl Aguirre knows this, and this is why she is running for Missouri State Senate. Some call her a one-issue candidate. She understands and values all the concerns of Missourians, and she will be sure to bring a conservative voice to our capital, but she knows that our children must be represented, too. The last couple years have shown us that parents of our state have been neglected by our leaders. Their microphones have been shut off, their voices land on deaf ears, and their fundamental, God-given authority over their children is being usurped by school officials and overzealous government figures.

Rachl Aguirre sees what is going on in our school system and our community. She’s been a teacher for over 25 years. She’s worked in special education and with adjudicated students in the Jackson County Courts system. She knows what it is like to speak out but be ignored. She has been listening to marginalized students, parents and families for years. Nothing breaks her heart more than to see our children suffer at the hands of an abusive government. This is why she is stepping up and speaking out for parents and families.

When Rachl speaks, she brings with her the cries of parents all over Missouri who have been dismissed, set aside. When other politicians glaze over at the sounds of parents’ concerns, Rachl leans in. The trouble in our schools is related to all the other issues. Families are struggling with high taxes and inflation, so money is tight, causing stress and behavioral issues. When our rights to move about freely, and make private medical choices, keep our jobs and the ability for our children to attend school in-person school are threatened, something needs to be done. When our constitutional right to bear arms is threatened by an overreaching government that wants to label upset parents as terrorists, families lose trust in our representatives and institutions. When un-elected offices are requiring public and private schools and businesses to comply with their unlawful demands, someone needs to stand up and speak up for our parents, families, and business owners. Rachl is that person. Tuesday, August 2 is the day to make your voice heard in Jefferson City, by voting for Rachl Aguirre for Missouri State Senate.

Jackson County Parents Association (JACO)