We are writing this letter of endorsement for Theresa Cass Galvin to encourage voters to cast their ballot for her in the August 2nd Primary Election and the General Election in November for Jackson County Executive.

Theresa was so helpful to us when we were dealing with a permit issue in our neighborhood. We contacted her to see what we as taxpayers could do to oppose an application that would be detrimental to our area if passed.

She helped us find instructions on the procedures available and guided us through the process. She was very concerned about our situation and called several times to see if there was anything else she could help us with. The permit was voted down and our neighborhood is forever grateful. She called us again to check on how the meetings went and how things were handled to make sure we were satisfied with the results.

Theresa was always available and never hesitated to listen to our concerns. We believe she has the voters’ best interest at heart and will be a true advocate for the citizens of Jackson County, Missouri.

She was also an advocate for us when two Jackson County Legislators brought an ordinance (#5588) to a vote regarding lockdowns and confinement camps during COVID. If you haven’t heard of this ordinance, please look it up at: jacksonco.legistar.com ordinance # 5588. It was an Orwellian type of ordinance that would have drastically threatened our rights, even threatening to take away your children and your pets. Theresa was a stanch opponent of this ordinance and saved the citizens of this county from the tyrants.

Teresa & Steve McBride