July 30, 2022

I am proud to be endorsing Theresa Galvin who is a candidate for Jackson County Executive in Jackson County Missouri. Theresa is a proven leader in Jackson County. She has served on the Jackson County Legislature for the last eight years and has served as Chairman of the Legislature. Jackson County has many challenges ahead as it deals with the building of the new jail and refurbishing the Old Historic Courthouse in Kansas City. We need strong leadership in the County Executive position and cannot ill afford four more years of the current leadership. Theresa will know how to proceed from day one in the position. She is well informed for the position and will assemble capable qualified staff. She will spend your tax dollars wisely.

I have known every Jackson County Executive since we adopted the Charter form of government and I have every reason to believe Theresa can be a leader for Jackson County. I urge you to support her in the primary election in August and the general election in November. I look forward to the great things ahead with Theresa as Jackson County Executive.

Robert “Bud” Hertzog, D.V.M.