July 30, 2022

Today I write a letter of endorsement for Theresa Cass-Galvin who is running for County Executive.

Theresa was a great support to Frontier Justice during 2020/21 as we navigated the ever-changing mask policies dictated by the county. It was her belief that if we created policies that kept our staff and clientele safe, we would know best on when to enforce masks or to not enforce mask use. Novel concept that we are free in America and every day when you chose to wear a mask, or not, you were choosing for yourself. Many of you were frustrated and did not understand the mask policies being passed down. We complied, by law, and we all came out on the other side of last year just fine.

But it did wake up a nation to how legislators can really affect our lives.

Theresa has a very common-sense approach to government, and she believes in midwestern values that we hold dear for our schools, for our communities and for us as individuals. Faith, family and freedom are what fuels Frontier Justice and Theresa is a candidate that is behind those same values. With 5 grandchildren, career history in the construction business, and experience in office, Theresa understands both our working lives and our personal lives. She is the best candidate for Jackson County, and she will serve well. It is my, pleasure to endorse her for County Executive, as the nation goes to the polls and reclaims America one city at a time for traditional values.

It’s time to make a stand. Make your vote count. Vote, Theresa Cass-Galvin.

Bren Brown
President, Frontier Justice