August 1, 2022

Article by Raytown MO Vote Revolution 
Please have a heart and VOTE NO on Aug 2nd on the tax increase. People are hurting badly with the crazy inflation going on right now. I know our leaders will do their best to deceive you and say that we have not had a voter passed increase in some special tax, which is true. However we do not need voter passed increases to see increases in our taxes. Just look at how much more your property taxes are now, they keep going up and up.  As our cost of items and property values go up so do the taxes we pay on those items, it’s an automatic increase in taxes. Plus our leaders just passed a tax on the things we buy online just last November and now our leaders want even more money.  Enough is enough, people simply can not afford these taxes. 
This tax increase also goes to a general fund, which means our current and future leadership can spend it on whatever they want. That means they can spend it on everything else but roads. Lets not give politicians any more blank checks. In the 2020 State audit Raytown leadership only got a “Fair” rating and were noted that they lack transparency. We need leadership that will open the books to us without a sunshine request so we can see what exactly they are spending money on. 
People should not have to depend on food banks but many are. If that is not a sign that people can not afford tax increases I really have lost hope on peoples compassion and understanding. It’s time we say no to greedy politicians. There are other ways we can raise the money for our infrastructure. First and foremost we can vote for people that actually know how to bring those tax dollars back home to Raytown. Maybe we can get a few of those school board people to run? They seem like they know how to get those tax dollars. 
We also need to vote out people like Frank White at the county level that would rather spend our Raytown tax dollars everywhere else but Raytown. Sorry Frank White I love you as a Royal but I really do think you have lost touch with Raytown and we need someone in office that will invest in Raytown. We deserve it. 
The county is already planning on increasing our taxes again so those are even more taxes we will be having to pay. What are our Raytown leaders doing to stop that? So many questions have been asked of our leadership and very few get answered. Many of the leaders rather throw insults instead of actually answering questions. There are groups like Raytown Unleashed that only allows 1 side to speak which is why we started a new Raytown group called “Raytown MO Vote Revolution ” Everyone is allowed to speak however disrespect gets deleted, no one gets banned or kicked. We can disagree without disrespect.