August 13, 2022

For Immediate Release

I have a tremendous amount of respect for our democratic process and the opportunity it provides voters to make important decisions. And this November, because of a certified petition, millions of people will have a chance to make their voices heard on whether Missouri will be the next state to legalize recreational marijuana.

I support the thoughtful decriminalization and legalization of marijuana and the initiative before Missourians in the general election. Legalizing marijuana is about more than just allowing recreational use or the money that can be made. It’s about undoing policies that disproportionately target black and brown communities, particularly men, who are more likely to be arrested and sentenced to significant time behind bars. The current laws criminalizing marijuana are a driving factor in the mass incarceration of people of color, but now we have an opportunity for change.

Together, we can transform our criminal justice system by letting It of the discriminatory ideologies of the past. This initiative provides a smart, common sense approach to address the racial disparities in Missouri and rebuild the communities that have suffered the most.