September 17, 2022

By Keri Campbell
Functional Health Solutions

Functional Health Solutions is a Lee’s Summit-based gym centered around helping and teaching those from all walks of life move pain-free, mobile, and strong. We are hosting a FREE community event and workout on Saturday, October 1st at Lea McKeighan Park – South in Lee’s Summit, running from 9am-12pm. Here you will first learn about the Functional Patterns training system, receive a free posture and gait analysis from one of our five certified trainers, and learn about various performance and recovery techniques all while enjoying the outdoors. Then we will get to sweating with a functional workout from 10:30-11:30am designed to leave you feeling fluid, strong, connected, and energized!

What sets FHS apart from any other gym? We utilize a system of various yet specific training techniques that analyze the body as a whole, prioritizing structural integrity through how we stand, walk, run and even throw. It is imperative to us that connecting the body in such a way will inherently minimize postural imbalances while building strength, increasing mobility, and gaining functionality at the same time.

Functional Health Solutions aims to better the health of our community – we train athletes, youth, middle-aged and seniors, perinatal women, and those who have chronic physical limitations. We also aid in weight loss and promote overall lifestyle changes. When we say all walks of life, we mean it! By attending this event you will be able to speak to our current members and hear their life-changing success stories.

Our training methods are designed for everyBODY– if you are someone who has nagging pains, wants to increase mobility, get stronger, or simply want to try something different, this is the event for you! Feel free to stop by and join us at any time, whether just for information or to join our free workout we would love to have you!

Please call (816) 226-8524 or email for more information.