October 28, 2022

On Tuesday, October 25, Lee’s Summit City officials were made aware of the City of Raymore’s concerns regarding an alleged effort to site a landfill in south Kansas City on acreage that is situated south of M-150 Highway, between Horridge and Peterson Roads, and north of the Creekmoor residential subdivision in Raymore, Missouri.  The statement from Raymore indicates they have “credible evidence of preliminary discussions among private developers and the City of Kansas City, Missouri”. 

Since receiving this information, Lee’s Summit officials have been attempting to learn of the facts related to this matter.  What has been verified thus far is there are no applications filed with the City of Kansas City to pursue a landfill at this described location.   What is not clear or understood, is whether any efforts or discussions have been held informally to plan for or pursue a landfill.  Lee’s Summit officials have also been in contact with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) which reports no applications for a landfill in this area have been filed with MDNR, and no conversations have occurred with MDNR staff.

Until such time an application is filed with MDNR or the City of Kansas City, it is difficult to take a position or stance on speculation.  If facts become known, and there are efforts underway to propose a landfill in this area, Lee’s Summit officials will be prepared to provide input and communicate any concerns based on the facts that have been provided.

The process for siting a landfill is required to be conducted through a public process, and takes years to go through the required environmental review and approval processes.  Lee’s Summit officials will continue to monitor and search for factual information related to this matter and be prepared to respond to these facts as they become known.

Mark Dunning, MPA  | City Manager


Raymore’s opposition to potential south Kansas City landfill development

RAYMORE, MO – The City of Raymore believes there is credible evidence of preliminary discussions among private developers and the City of Kansas City, Missouri, for the development of a landfill in our front yard.

The location of the proposed landfill is immediately north of 155th Street, extending to 150 Highway, and from Peterson Road on the west to Horridge Road on the east. Its boundaries will directly abut the city of Raymore, the city of Lee’s Summit and a Lee’s Summit elementary school, and be right next door to the city of Grandview.

This would be an incredibly poor location that would negatively impact the health and well-being of thousands of our residents and those of neighboring communities in addition to having a chilling effect on future development. In addition to being located amid hundreds of homes – impacting tens of thousands of area residents – and schools in multiple districts, we’re concerned about drainage from the property into neighborhoods in Creekmoor and along North Madison Street and Vogt Street, Creekmoor Lake and Longview Lake.

We are 100 percent opposed to this location for a landfill, which would produce a number of negative environmental impacts as far as six miles away, including landfill odors and near constant excavation noise for up to 50 years. 

We are doing everything in our power to work with neighboring jurisdictions and key stakeholders to oppose this landfill.

We are urgently calling every Raymore resident and business owner to action to create a unified front to oppose a landfill at this location by contacting the following entities and elected officials and respectfully letting them know your concerns:

Please direct all media inquiries to Communications Manager Melissa Harmer at mharmer@raymore.com or 816-892-3002.
Residents with additional inquiries should contact City Manager Jim Feuerborn at jfeuerborn@raymore.com or 816-892-3026.

KCTV 5 Interview with Mayor Kris Turnbow and City Manager of KC visit link: City of Raymore ‘100 percent opposed’ to idea of KCMO landfill near city limits

KSHB 41 News interviews land owners in Raymore: Among the property owners identified in the 960-acre area identified by the city, one of the largest is American Top Soil Inc. James Prigel of the company told KSHB 41 News that he does not have any plans to build a landfill in Raymore.

Prigel, who said he saw the city’s post earlier Tuesday, had also checked with a fellow land owner nearby, who said he was not interested in selling his land.