October 29, 2022

Submitted by Lance Dillenschneider

Absolute pure devotion to Jackson County, Missouri, has come from lifelong Jackson County resident and business owner Lance (Lanny) Dillenschneider.

His love and service for this community has benefited Jackson County for over 40 years. His ingenuity, integrity, and positive influences qualify him to be the best choice for Jackson County Legislature—Third District At-Large in the upcoming November 8, 2022, election. “Truth and Diligence” are his driving force and core values.

“As a Legislator, my extensive background in real estate; business, finance, management; and construction will benefit the legislative team. I plan to bring Jackson County truth, transparency, fairness and safety to our citizens and business owners. This is what the people of Jackson County expect and deserve,” he added.

Dillenschneider has been diligent in serving in meaningful platforms in Jackson County:
● Board of Equalization of Jackson County – As a Board Member, he helped hundreds of property and business owners lower their property taxes to a sustainable rate. He served on the board for six years.
● Lee’s Summit Mayor’s Advisory Board – Former Board Member whose primary role was to bridge the gap between the building community and real estate professionals with the Mayor and city government, advising on industry market trends.
● Lee’s Summit Home Builders – Former President.
● Kansas City Home Builders Association – Former Vice-President.

Lance participated in the decision-making process affecting the homebuilding community, worked on HBA promotional and educational events, and was the liaison for local public awareness of innovation and other industry news.

Lance’s highest priorities are property taxes and crime prevention.

Property Taxes & Affordable Housing
Lance describes the well known debacle in 2019 that raised property tax assessments for many families over 300%. “What most people don’t realize is that the state statute capped the county at a 15% increase if the assessor’s department did not visit the property. So what did they do next? Jackson County paid almost 18 million dollars to Tyler Technologies to aid in the process so that in the next reassessment year, they will have visited every parcel of property and they can raise the assessment amount without the 15% ceiling…” Lance continues, “ They essentially used 17.9 million of our taxpayer funds so that they could continue to raise taxes further.”

His real estate development background is useful when evaluating sustainable options. “My opponent’s solutions to affordable housing [regarding the use of county land for affordable housing development] will not work. Land in the further reaches of the county is rarely developed for single homes for a good reason—there is little infrastructure in the more rural areas. There are no sewers, water supply, electricity, gas, cable, etc., to adequately supply neighborhoods. That’s why development happens around cities where needed infrastructure already exists.”

He noted the costs would be off the charts if his opponent’s ideas were implemented, canceling out the ‘affordable’ in affordable housing.

Statistics show that In 2021, Jackson County had 156 murders, while Johnson County, KS had 4. Dillenschneider explained, “What this means is that you are almost 40 times more likely to be murdered in Jackson County, MO, than just across the state line. That’s a sign of poor leadership in this community. We need change.“

Tragically, much of our crime is fueled by deadly drugs, such as fentanyl. According to the DEA, fentanyl deaths were almost double that of COVID-19 deaths in Jackson County in 2021.

How can this drug infestation be stopped in Jackson County, and why does Johnson County not have the same problem to the same extent? Dillenschneider replied, “Stopping this opioid epidemic is personal to me. I can promise you… once I’m in office, we will get to the bottom of this accelerating problem. Fentanyl is the monster murdering our youth and devastating families, including mine.”

Dillenschneider has openly shared that he and his wife lost their eldest son in 2021 to fentanyl poisoning, and has since been a strong advocate for prevention, using proven methods of treatment, and holding dealers accountable.

“Truth and Diligence” will be at the forefront of all decisions and it would be a true honor to serve as Jackson County Legislator Third-District At-Large if chosen.” Lance expresses. He trusts the Jackson County voters will recognize his qualifications, faithfulness and commitment and will choose to support him in this incredibly important election on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.

For more information, please visit the website at www.LanceDillenschneider.com.