December 10, 2022

Submitted by Michael McDonough

Michael McDonough announced this week his intention to run for re-election for Mayor of the City of Raytown. Michael McDonough is dedicated to fostering a culture of cooperation within the City of Raytown. He is committed to working alongside citizens, businesses, and local groups, such as the Raytown Chamber of Commerce and Tourism and the Raytown Main Street Association, to meet essential community goals for continued development. For decades, he has served the public, his community, and his neighbors with integrity and dedication, whether in public safety or local charity service. Michael McDonough is committed to the community’s progress.

Michael McDonough, a lifelong resident of Raytown, has achieved many accomplishments throughout his personal and professional life. He was honored to be the Truman Heartland Foundation 2014 Raytown Outstanding Citizen of the Year. That recognition is reserved for those community members that have “used their skills, abilities, and positions to promote the wellbeing of their communities and the people that live in them. While avenues towards change may be varied among them, all the honorees are united by a common goal, to improve the lives of their fellow citizens, and a common desire to help improve and enrich the communities of Eastern Jackson County.”

Michael McDonough has received the following awards and recognitions:

• Twice received the Police Officer of the Year Award from local service organizations
• Lifesaving Award from the Metropolitan Chiefs and Sheriffs Association
• James Schneider Award from the Raytown Fire Protection District and the Life-Saving Star
• Quality Contribution Certificates from the Raytown C-2 School District
• 2019 Chamber of Commerce Person of the year award
• 2020 Chamber Community Hero award for his involvement and volunteer efforts for the community
• 2019 Hero for Diversity Award from the Olathe Chapter of the NAACP

Michael McDonough continues to donate his time and is active with many charitable organizations and boards, such as the:

• Board of Directors for the Raytown Police Fund for Public Benefit, Inc.
• Raytown Rotary Club,
• Raytown Masonic Lodge Member,
• Shriner of the Ararat Shrine,
• Board member of the Raytown Main Street Association
• Member of the Raytown Chamber of Commerce and Tourism

Michael McDonough serves on various other boards and committees, including:

• Mid-America Regional Council (MARC)
• Total Transportation Policy Committee
• Joe Herndon Career Center Law Enforcement Advisory Board
• Vice President of the Eastern Jackson County Betterment Council
• Department of Justice SPIRIT Campaign
• Jackson County COMBAT Raytown STRIVIN anti-crime initiative
• United Missouri Mayors
• Raytown Live Board
• Raytown School District Strategic Planning Committee

Michael McDonough continues to work daily with staff and elected officials to improve the operations of our city government. He has continuously shown his can-do attitude by helping spearhead movements to bring important long-time projects forward to get them done.

Michael McDonough has lived in Raytown for the past 59 years. He grew up in Raytown, went through school here, and graduated from Raytown South High School in 1973. He enjoys living in Raytown because of the great people and the deep sense of community. Michael McDonough said, “the people are so giving and helpful to one another and, like me, are proud of this community. Although our town is in the middle of a large metropolitan area, it has continued to keep its small-town feel. Our community is full of people, with varied life stories and characters of all kinds, demonstrating a distinct uniqueness from many other places.”

He had served as a police officer for the Raytown Police Department since 1975. Before that, he worked for a year in the City Street Department. He has served as Mayor since 2015. His passion has been and will continue to be, the community of Raytown. He wants to continue to serve the citizens of the City of Raytown. He has remained dedicated to his community for the last 48 years. Michael McDonough continues to live in and serve Raytown because of the people and his love and passion for this community. He attends many community events to be with the citizens he serves.

It is that dedication and commitment to our community that has led Michael McDonough to decide to run for re-election to the office of Mayor of the City of Raytown in the April 4th, 2023, election. Michael McDonough would be honored to receive your vote on April 4th, 2023, and to continue his service to the citizens of Raytown by leading the City of Raytown with a spirit of progress and looking to the future.

We are a crossroads community, embracing diversity and working together.