December 10, 2022

Submitted by Theresa Cass Galvin

Theresa Cass Galvin is pleased to announce her candidacy for Kansas City’s Fifth District Councilman-at-Large. She is excited to extend the experience she gained from serving eight years on the Jackson County Legislature, two as Chairman and two as Vice Chairman, to serve the citizens of Kansas City.

Galvin began her career, which spanned 30 years in the construction industry, in the front office and worked her way up to owning her own business. She is well versed in reviewing project budgets and timelines and understands risk assessments for local stakeholders. These skills aided her as she also served as Chairman of the Budget Committee. Theresa was a fierce advocate for fair wages for all associates, senior citizens, veterans, and constituents both inside and outside her district. Throughout the height of the pandemic, she fought for small businesses and conveyed their struggles during those unprecedented times.

“The people of Kansas City deserve to be represented by those who will always put their best interests out front. I have always given my constituents a seat at the table, and I believe all elected representatives should do the same.”