Our Snow Control Strategy
Each snow event is different and so is our approach. There is a time-based goal to have all streets plowed and/or treated within a stated timeframe which is dependent on the amount of accumulation and weather conditions.

In what order are roads plowed/treated?
Primary and secondary streets are the main priority when snowfall begins. Residential streets are plowed last. Residential streets are broken into routes and are rotated so no street is always first or last.

How are streets classified?
Primary routes are major multi-lane or high volume two-lane streets, such as Pryor and Langsford Roads.

Secondary routes are minor thoroughfares and streets that go into neighborhoods, such as Orchard Street and O’Brien Road.

Residential routes are smaller side streets of secondary routes and cul-de-sacs (think Madison Street).

For more information about the City’s snow and ice control program, visit LSsnow.net or contact Public Works at 969-1800 or publicworks@cityofls.net.

Did You Know…
During a snow event, the City treats and plows more than 1,000 lane miles of streets and cul-de-sacs.

Pretreatment becomes ineffective during extremely low temperatures.

Blowing snow may require replowing of primary and secondary streets to keep them clear and could delay crews moving into residential streets.

Help Us Help You
During a snow event, there are a few things to keep in mind to protect your property and help plows work more efficiently.

Remove vehicles parked on the street

Remove portable basketball goals, soccer goals or other structures from street and along curbs

Be patient and keep a safe distance behind working snow plows

Beware of reduced visibility