December 24, 2022

This holiday season, HCA Midwest Health’s parent company, HCA Healthcare, and Lee’s Summit Medical Center continued their efforts to fight food insecurity by participating in the second annual company-wide “Healthy Food for Healthier Tomorrows Food and Nutrition Drive.” For the 2022 food drive, HCA Healthcare hospitals across the nation were encouraged to get creative and build sculptures with the donated food before transporting it to their local food banks. The top prize included grants to the local hospital’s food bank to make an even greater impact.

As a part of the national food drive, Lee’s Summit Medical Center hosted a hospital-wide holiday tree of cans titled, “Rooted in Our Values,” where physicians and colleagues donated cans of food. The cans were then designed as a mosaic of the roots, and individual notes from the Lee’s Summit Medical Center family sharing specific motivation for giving back and providing high-quality, patient-centered care were affixed to each can of food.

One of the notes read, “I care because hunger has a ripple effect, and no one should go hungry.” Another note reads, “I care because I love making sure patients are treated like family when they are here.”

Thirteen HCA hospital divisions, including HCA Midwest Health, submitted their hospitals’ creative designs to HCA Healthcare for the competition and opportunity to win a top national prize of a $25,000 grant and local prize of $10,000.

As HCA Healthcare’s Healthier Food For Healthier Tomorrows Food and Nutrition Drive first place winner, Lee’s Summit Medical Center, part of HCA Midwest Health, was awarded grants to local food banks of their choice, which includes Meals on Wheels of Lee’s Summit and Lee’s Summit Social Services.

“The Healthy Foods for Healthier Tomorrows initiative is one that aligns with our overall mission and shows how our colleagues’ commitment to the care and improvement of human life extends beyond the walls of our hospital,” says Lee’s Summit Medical Center CEO John McDonald, FACHE. “Lee’s Summit Medical Center has a rich history of supporting local food banks, pantries and in-kind donations and we are beyond excited to support a healthy community in such an impactful way. Meals on Wheels of Lee’s Summit and Lee’s Summit Social Services are incredible organizations that never fail to step up and help ensure our community’s needs are met.”

Meals on Wheels of Lee’s Summit was created to help ensure elderly and handicapped community residents have access to hot, nutritious and delicious meals, which can help them maintain a healthy diet. The organization has served over 500,000 meals since its inception and currently serves over 350 meals per week.

“We are humbled, honored and appreciative of this gift from Lee’s Summit Medical Center,” says Susie Newsam, board president for Meals on Wheels of Lee’s Summit. “The longevity of our partnership not only strengthens our organization, but also benefits our community.”