January 28, 2023

Submitted by Mary Jane Van Buskirk

To me good government is transparency and honesty, both of which I am dedicated to.

As far as repairing and improving infrastructure, we have a good start with the passing of the GO bonds for storm sewers. We also need to finance street improvements; I hope we can accomplish that through passage of GO bonds as well, it is my hope we will. I am not a tax and spend person, but in this instance, it is probably the only way we can move Raytown forward.

Public Safety should be our highest priority. I am a strong supporter of our police department. Citizens say we need more police and I agree. Where do we go to get the officers when competition is so high? We are offering sign on bonuses as well as other incentives, but it’s still difficult to get the officers we need. This isn’t just a Raytown problem, it’s nationwide. We need the whole community to be recruiters for our police department.

Enforcing codes is another one of my priorities, cleaning up our city helps bring new families and businesses to our community. I have worked tirelessly on this for the people of our ward and city as a whole and will continue to do so.

One of the ordinances I supported was regarding rental regulation, this has been needed for years. I believe this has and will continue to make our city a better place to live.

I was elected by my peers as president of the board and served as Mayor Pro Tem in 2021. I have served on the Council for the Aging, the Finance Committee and the Ethics Committee. I currently serve as liaison to the Sales Tax Oversight Committee.

My goals for Raytown haven’t changed in the past four years, I want to make Raytown one of the best and brightest cities in the K.C. metro area. I have worked hard with our board and staff to accomplish that goal. A city that is inviting to new residents and businesses. We have many good people serving on our board and other boards and committees. We are truly blessed and have one of the best staffs in the area and beyond.

We still have a lot of work to do, but working together we can get it done. My hard work, honesty and integrity speaks for itself, and I will continue to work hard for those I represent!

I am asking for your support in the April 4th election so I can continue to work for the people of our ward and the great people of this city. I take pride in being a long-time resident of Raytown and will continue to fight for our community!

Anyone who wishes to speak with me is welcome to contact me at (816) 737-2799.

Mary Jane