January 28, 2023

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) is pleased to recognize students who consistently exhibit exceptional Christian character through the Christian Character Award program. The purpose of this award is to encourage students to pursue their potential toward attaining the highest level of personal and academic development, as well as Christian character. The achievement of Christian Character at SCA is one of the most prestigious recognitions within the school.

SCA seventh grade student Faith Holt, daughter of Ryan and Heather Holt, and seventh grade student Elijah Zicari, son of Sean and Amber Zicari, both received the Junior High Christian Character Award for the 2022-23 first semester.

SCA sophomore Emma Coats, daughter of Andy and Sarah Coats, sophomore Charli Hinton, daughter of Gary and Kristi Hinton, and senior Trevon Hildebrand, son of William and Jennifer Hildebrand each received the High School Christian Character Award for the 2022-23 first semester.