Property owners, local leaders, and other constituents urge members to approve measure to stop the proposed landfill in Jackson County

Today, in a Missouri House committee, the developer of a landfill in south Kansas City, Missouri went on the record with their intentions for the site.

Jefferson City, Mo. (Feb. 14, 2023) – Citizens and local government leaders delivered powerful testimony Tuesday in support of House Bill 909 during a hearing before the House Local Government Committee, to oppose the proposed landfill in southern Jackson County, located at the border with Cass County, and across the street from the Raymore residential development of Creekmoor. Testimony in support of the measure lasted for more than three and a half hours.

“I support economic development, but not on the backs of students, homeowners and families,” said Rep. Mike Haffner (R – Pleasant Hill). “These Missourians have saved too much, worked too hard, and dreamed too long to have their rights trashed by one landfill developer.”

HB 909 clarifies existing statute (Section 260.205, RSMo) as it relates to solid waste disposal area permits in the Kansas City area and places a one-mile buffer between new landfills and their neighboring communities. 

“It was important for me to stand in support of HB 909 as the defender of my small town, where plans for a new landfill in a neighboring community stand to unravel decades of progress and devastate property values,” Raymore Mayor Pro Tem Reginald Townsend said.

The legislation has received support from a bipartisan coalition of representatives from across Missouri who have heard from constituents concerned about the damaging health and deteriorating economic effects of living next to a landfill.

“My strong record as a protector of property rights is rooted in the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, who said our constitutional right to own homes and businesses is essential to our freedom,” Rep. Haffner said. “I urge my fellow representatives to join us in support of this common-sense legislation.”