Tribune Photos/Dave Thurman

March 4, 2023

Powell Gardens is hosting Orchid Delirium from March 3 through April 16. Members received a special early sneak-peek to the artful display of over two-thousand unique orchids from over 50 genera from the Powell Gardens’ greenhouse.

Lead Horticulturist, Brent Tucker, explained that there are several varieties that actually have a protected conservation status in the wild, a few of which are on the critically endangered list. Fortunately, there are several greenhouses that maintain these hard to propagate species.

Remarkable displays which include a moth orchid chandelier above a quiet reflecting pool, artful and fun Lady Slippers, and magical floating umbrellas, as well as columnar and individual presentations.

Orchid Delirium is an homage to the Orchidelirium from the 1800s in England when nobles and wealthy citizens curated collections of the delicate blossoms, sending their emissaries far and wide to gather novel varietals of wild orchids brought back in carefully constructed glass containers to protect the plants in a controlled environment. Each collector hoping to out-do the others.

During Orchid Delirium several special events are planned, beginning with the Orchid Doctor on March 4 from 1:00 to 4:00 PM. A complete calendar of events, including a tea (tickets are available), is available at, culminating with an orchid sale on April 29. Tickets for the overall event are available at this same link, with no charge for members.