Recently uncovered information about the vast plans for a new landfill in South Kansas City is raising new alarms for the tens of thousands of people who live nearby. In a meeting with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources on March 22, developer Jennifer Monheiser told engineers her plans extend far beyond a 460-acre landfill on the site between U.S. 150 Highway and 155th Street, and Peterson and Horridge Roads to the east and west.

In the meeting, Monheiser revealed additional plans for:
• Rerouting a creek
• Installing a rock crushing operation
• Installing a methane capture and use operation
• Installing an aerobic digestion operation

The developer continues to claim ownership of multiple parcels within the proposed landfill site, but records from the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds show the sale of just one 29-acre parcel in February to the developer, doing business as South KC Acquisitions LLC, within the approximate 460-acre area.

An engineer at the meeting noted Monheiser confessed “odors are a very big issue” for the landfill, which is directly adjacent to a school, a church, residential neighborhoods, businesses, a lake, a golf course and many other homes. These and other details of the plan were revealed in publicly available notes taken by MDNR staff. These details of the plan have been deliberately concealed from neighboring communities by the developer, who has repeatedly refused to engage in a conversation with those communities.

In the March 22 meeting, Monheiser also told engineers the landfill would accept 2,500 tons of solid waste per day. Considering that a mix of semis, residential trash trucks, roll-offs and other commercial trucks would use the landfill, that equates to the potential of 500 trucks in and out of the landfill daily, or about a truck a minute during a 10-hour day.

Below are the handwritten notes from landfill developer Jennifer Monheiser’s informational meeting with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources last week.