July 1, 2023

Longview Cemetery, established in 1964, is a hidden gem situated between Grandview and Lee’s Summit in South Kansas City.

In 2021, recognizing the growing need to provide consumers with more ecologically-friendly choices for their loved ones’ final resting places, the cemetery established a new section. The Green Burial Garden was officially opened in 2022 and has already become the final resting place for several area residents, as well as a future site for those who have pre-purchased their own spaces. Cremation interment is also allowed.

What is a Green Burial?

According to the Green Burial Council, the characteristics of a Green Burial Cemetery are as follows:

• Foregoes toxic embalming
• Does away with vaults
• Chooses biodegradable containers, caskets, shrouds, and urns
• Discontinues herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers
• Encourages sustainable management practices
• May use GPS units or non-native stone markers to mark grave sites
• May support land conservation efforts

Visitors to the Green Burial garden at Longview Cemetery will notice that the grounds are maintained, but not manicured. Natural grasses grow alongside of a path that is cut through for ease of access to the grounds. Trees and wildflowers surround the area, creating a very peaceful setting.

The team at Longview Funeral Home and Cemetery is available to answer any questions about Green Burial or any other service options at 816-761-6272.