July 29, 2023

“In regard to the July 25th city council meeting and the discussion of the Jackson County Tax Assessments, I would like to applaud Mayor Baird, Council, and staff for their defense of our community as it pertains to the recent Jackson County tax assessments.

Mayor Baird, Councilmember Hodges, Prier, DeMoro, Shields, Lovell, and Felker all spoke in true defense of our community. This is what real leadership looks like and it should be noted, remembered and reflected on for the future.

The absolute attempt to exploit our community and others for the county’s dereliction of duty and overall incompetence is ridiculous and they’re now called out. Jackson County is broken. The County Legislature would rather tackle topics which do nothing meaningful for families, but that which can keep afloat with national topics of the minute. We don’t have time or energy for that.

We in Lee’s Summit support our schools, our parks, and our public services. We are doing our job to keep our community upright when so many are not. We are working our butts off to care for what we have and that’s why we have something worth having.

Lee’s Summit has a humble history, but that doesn’t mean the grip on what we’ve created is loose.”

Matt Sanning