John Knox Village residents Jan Etherton and Caroline Arnold sell freshly picked tomatoes, peppers, squash, kale and other produce at the annual Garden Festival on Thursday, Aug. 17 and Friday, Aug. 18 on the Village campus. The festival, hosted by members of the John Knox Village Gardeners Association, was held to celebrate a successful summer growing season and included a cookout and sale. More than 50 Village residents and associates work the four-acre garden. Excess produce was donated to a local food pantry.

August 26, 2023

All members of the John Knox Village community benefit from the neighbors’ green thumbs.

Residents of John Knox Village, a life plan community in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, are celebrating a successful growing season with neighbors and friends.

Members of the Village community are gathering for the festive Garden Festival from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Friday, Aug. 18 at the John Knox Village Gardens. The gardens are located directly behind the Village Care Center (600 N.W. Pryor Road, Lee’s Summit, Missouri 64081).

John Knox Village residents Joyce Brown, Alice Hamilton and Suzy Yeagley enjoy the Garden Festival celebration.

The John Knox Village Garden Association hosts the annual event, which provides attendees with opportunities to socialize and purchase newly harvested fresh produce and flowers and enjoy a cookout lunch in the lot adjacent to the John Knox Village Garden.

The garden covers a little over 4 acres and has 109 raised beds and in-ground plots. More than 50 residents and associates work the garden plots, growing nearly every variety of vegetable that thrive in Missouri summers as well as flowers and some fruit.

Although the garden association group sells produce throughout the growing season to Village residents and associates, the late-summer harvest festival is the resident-gardeners time to shine. The association donate a portion of its profits back to the Village, which are then used to purchase equipment and support other fundraising campaigns.