November 11, 2023

By Cadet Miles Manney

I am Miles Manney, a proud alum of Lee’s Summit North High School and currently a cadet at the esteemed United States Military Academy. I am honored to share my journey—a story of inspiration and insight for the families and youth of Lee’s Summit.

The United States Military Academy (USMA) stands as the premier institution for leadership development in our nation. It offers a unique path for students to serve their country as officers in the U.S. Army following a rigorous four-year education at the Academy.

Contrary to the financial burdens associated with Ivy League institutions, USMA provides an outstanding education without the immense debt. Here, students have the freedom to choose their majors while also receiving an unparalleled focus on leadership development.

Graduation 2022

You might wonder, what does a major in leadership entail? At USMA, it’s more than just a formal major; it’s a commitment to nurturing individuals who aspire to create tangible and positive change in our world. The Academy fosters leaders of character, preparing them to excel in every endeavor they pursue.

The opportunities at USMA are countless, and my experience barely scratches the surface. The United States Military Academy is an unparalleled opportunity, and I’m excited to share this transformative journey. Go Army, Beat Navy!