November 25, 2023

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) is grateful to continue their support of Kansas City families through their 15th annual elementary food drive this year. Since 2008 (the first year of the Food Drive) SCA has collected over 120,000 items, helping feed over 6,000 families.

SCA sixth grade students (l-r) Kimber Goppert, Violet Gentemen, Abrianna Franklin, and Jordyn Mann organize and pack some of the over 1,500 cans of vegetables donated by SCA students in the 15th annual Elementary Food Drive

One of the Core Values of Summit Christian Academy is Cultivating Community. SCA recognizes that community extends beyond the walls of the school, and the annual Elementary Food Drive helps SCA students see first-hand the importance of serving and blessing their community.

Last week, the elementary students donated nearly 6,000 units of food and paper products. The sixth grade students organized the items, packed them into boxes, and loaded them into the truck to be shared with Kansas City area families through the outreach at Courageous Life Church in Independence and Hearts N Hands in Belton.

SCA sixth grade students (l-r) Olivia Mick, Luke Montgomery, and Nicholas Breshears organize and pack some of the over 1,600 units of boxed foods donated by SCA students in the 15th annual Elementary Food Drive

“We are so thankful for the opportunity to serve the community in this way,” shared SCA Upper Elementary Principal Dr. Julie Madsen. “Each and every item given will go to help those in need. The love of Jesus will be shared! We are praying for the families who receive these blessings to hear the Gospel along with their physical needs being met.”