Moments ago, we received a copy of the preliminary audit report relating to the 2023 Jackson County Reassessment.  In that report the auditor provides a clear and objective view of key deficiencies in the reassessment process.  The deficiencies outlined are clear evidence that the Jackson County Assessor failed to comply with state law on any increase in property value greater than 15%.  

I am requesting that our Legislative Chairman schedule an emergency meeting so that we can enact appropriate remediation recommendations to be taken up by the Board of Equalization.  Absent immediate action by the Jackson County Board of Equalization, I request that the State Tax Commission take remediation action on behalf of ALL IMPACTED taxpayers.  The lawful and appropriate action is to immediately set a 14.9% CAP on increases for 2023 reassessments. 

The unlawful reassessment that has placed a massive financial and emotional hardship on so many Jackson County residents must be immediately corrected.  I am disappointed that these issues which were first highlighted months ago hasn’t yet been resolved.  The resulting adverse impact on our community that this delay has caused will require a cooperative effort from all Jackson County elected officials and Missouri state officials to fully correct.  I stand committed and ready to do my part to correct this debacle.