By Caleb Clifford

Kansas City, MO – [December 29, 2023] – In a unanimous vote, the Jackson County Legislature has approved the Fiscal Year 2024 budget, marking a significant milestone in collaborative governance between the legislature and county administration. Aligning closely with County Executive Frank White, Jr.’s proposal, the $646.4 million budget signifies a unified approach to managing county resources and investing in our community’s future. 

“This budget represents what we can achieve when we work together for the common good of all residents,” stated County Executive Frank White, Jr. He continued, “I commend the Legislature for their partnership and diligence throughout this process, particularly Legislator Jeanie Lauer, who sponsored the adopted budget ordinance.” 

The administration and the legislature’s cooperative efforts were instrumental in shaping and refining the budget, focusing on critical areas such as the Jackson County Detention Center, public safety, and community services. The budget also reflects a dedication to the county’s workforce, including a 4% merit increase for eligible associates and funding for increased pension benefits. 

Reflecting on the importance of unity and collaboration, Legislator Jeanie Lauer stated, ‘Working closely with the County Executive and his team was crucial to sculpting a budget that truly reflects our county’s needs and aspirations. I am proud of my colleagues in the legislature for their support and contributions to this year’s budget. This has set a strong foundation for progress. Looking ahead, I am filled with optimism and excitement about the future we are forging together for Jackson County.’ 

Vice-Chair Megan Marshall highlighted the spirit of cooperation that characterized the adoption of the county’s annual budget, “Today’s budget approval is a testament to our commitment to the residents of Jackson County. With a decisive 8-0 vote, and acknowledging the lone abstention, we’ve prioritized property tax relief for our seniors, vital road and bridge repairs, and essential homeless assistance. This collaborative effort between the legislature and the County Executive underscores our shared dedication to progress. As Vice Chair, I’m optimistic and eagerly anticipate an even more collaborative approach next year. Together, we’re poised to address and overcome the county’s most pressing challenges.”

The passage of the FY 2024 budget is a culmination of months of detailed planning, discussion, and compromise. It represents a concerted effort by the county executive, legislators, staff, and various stakeholders to address the county’s needs responsibly and innovatively. 

County Executive White extended his gratitude to everyone involved in the budget process, emphasizing the collaborative spirit that led to this successful outcome. “As we implement this budget, we continue our commitment to transparency, accountability, and community engagement,” said White. 

As Jackson County moves forward with this budget, the administration and legislature remain dedicated to working hand in hand to ensure the continued prosperity and well-being of all county residents. 

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