FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Kansas City, Missouri

From the Office of Sean Smith, 6th District Jackson County Legislator

Monday January 22, 2024

Today I am pleased to announce that the Kansas City Chiefs, in addition to having recently prevailed over the Buffalo Bills, have given our community a second reason to celebrate. In concert with the Kansas City Royals, the teams jointly executed a Letter of Intent (LOI) which broadly outlines key terms of the upcoming Stadium Sales Tax. This includes both binding and non-binding provisions.

While there are many additional details still to be finalized and put into various lease documents and Benefits Agreements, the level of detail and the concessions the teams have made are sufficient for ME to vote to overturn the veto of the County Executive.

The County Executive deserves significant credit for achieving some great concessions from the teams. These concessions will save our taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars over the life of the agreements. I also want to thank my colleagues on the Legislature who stood firm and demanded that the teams document and sign key terms.

While there is still much work to be done before the April vote, I’m confident that all parties will collaborate and be conscientious stewards of taxpayer resources and the wonderful community assets with which they are entrusted.

As the process of finalizing all terms proceeds, I will regularly provide updates to the community to the extent that I can do so without violating any confidentiality requirements.

Such updates will be posted on a regular basis at

The updates will also be sent via email if you sign up to receive them on that same website.

I have appreciated the feedback from the community on this important matter and by posting updates regularly to my website, I hope to ensure the maximum amount of transparency possible.