SCA international students help participants learn about their culture through a Chinese tongue twister. (L-R) Christine Xiong, Amber Zhang, and Emma Bao teach Secondary English teacher Abigail Stolberg a challenging Chinese tongue twister at the SCA International Experience.

February 17, 2024

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) international students, world language classes, and international families recently hosted the school’s second annual International Experience. The SCA International Experience featured over 20 countries including Vietnam, Nigeria, China, Germany, Korea, Spain, and France, and allowed for over 200 SCA secondary students to experience new cultures through games, activities, and dishes from around the world.

International Experience participants received a passport that was stamped upon visiting different countries. Participants were immersed in different cultures and experiences that included, ordering in French at a Parisian Café, learning and practicing Chinese calligraphy, and sampling dishes from around the world including horchata, empanadas, jollof rice, dumplings, and spring rolls.

“The International Experience is a time to celebrate the world around us and just how special God made the nations,” shared SCA International Director Rocco DeFelice. “We hope that this unique opportunity allows students to have a global perspective and appreciation for cultures, languages, and people from around the world.”