Thursday, February 22nd Jackson County Legislature Manny Abarca IV, representing the 1st Legislative District will join colleagues at the White House at 9am cst with topics of discussion including gun violence, and the impact of the Build Back Better act. Joined by members of the State Legislature, these discussions are important to not only share the challenge but opportunities and strategize how to better empower our communities. 
 After nearly a week since the Chiefs parade tragedy, discussions surrounding gun violence prevention, particularly in the urban areas of Missouri have dominated the local and national press cycles. The exposure and limited reality for City and County policy making is preempted or prevented by republican controlled supermajorities, making Missouri one of the top ten states for the worst gun safety policies according to Every town. Currently policies provide more rights to guns than to rights to life, creating a reality where ease of access to high powered, military grade weapons is not only legal in the state, but it’s empowered for anyone to possess, anywhere at any age. This wild west mentality is not only ignorant, but irresponsible while local governments seek every potential solution to curb gun violence-accept lack the ability to limit access to guns. 
 “I look forward to meet with the administration to not only share Lisa’s story but to raise attention towards the need for federal policies that provide safety for ALL Americans just wishing to enjoy movie theaters, grocery stores, church service, and celebratory parades-the time is NOW for common sense gun reform.” 
Since the Regan administration, common sense gun reform and limitation of high-capacity magazines and weapons; background checks, and basic permitting requirements were bipartisan policies. Only until the gun lobby raced to buy-off politicians have we seen these deregulations occurring, creating an affection and alluring culture of “good guys with guns”, when in reality this is a reactive culture founded in the premise that we accept a dangerous society and agree with vigilante justice-this is not American nor democratic.