March 2, 2024

Submitted by Juanice Williams

Juanice Williams, a dedicated advocate for public education and a long-time resident of Lee’s Summit school district, proudly announces her candidacy for the Lee’s Summit Board of Education. With a strong Family First perspective, Williams aims to prioritize the well-being and success of every student, teacher, and family in the community.

“I believe in advocating for policies that ensure every student receives a high-quality education,” states Williams, emphasizing the need for comprehensive measures to ensure educational excellence for all. Her commitment includes the hiring of additional Educational Specialists to alleviate the added strain on classroom teachers, fostering an environment where educators can thrive and deliver the best possible education.

“As an educator myself, I recognize the challenges our teachers face, and I am determined to champion changes to the school calendar. This will provide teachers with the time they need to adequately prepare students for annual testing; improving student outcomes. This will also give teachers the time they need to recoup and increase their mental health and wellbeing,” Williams affirms.

Williams recognizes the integral role families play in a student’s educational journey and plans to establish programs and resources to support them. “Families are crucial in shaping a student’s path to success. By recognizing their importance and providing the necessary resources, we can reduce educational disparities and promote inclusivity amongst all students within the school system,” she states.

Addressing the rising mental health concerns among students, Williams proposes implementing mental health awareness programs and advocating for increased access to mental health resources within the school district and school communities. “Our students face a variety of complex challenges and it’s essential to address their mental health needs. By improving communication and collaboration between the district and families we can create a supportive environment for student well-being,” Williams emphasizes.

With a deep commitment to community collaboration, Williams plans to work closely with community organizations to strengthen family-school partnerships. “Community involvement is key to the success of our schools. By collaborating with civic, business, and faith-based organizations we can enhance the support system for families and students,” she asserts.

Williams, an Associate Instructor of Social Work at the University of Central Missouri, holds a Bachelor of Social Work from Central Missouri State University and a Master of Social Work from the University of Kansas. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers, the School Social Workers Association of Missouri, and the Council on Social Work Education. She is also a certified Mental Health First Aid trainer.

Williams has spent her career as a social worker dedicated to public service through her roles with the Missouri Children’s Division, as a social worker at a neighboring school district, and now in Higher Education.

In her 20 years of residence in the Lee’s Summit community, Williams has been a proud proponent of public education. All of her children attended Lee’s Summit schools, and one of her daughters is a teacher in the Lee’s Summit school district. Her extensive community involvement includes serving as the former PTA President at Woodland Elementary, a member of the CSIP committee, a room parent volunteer, a Girl Scout leader, a member of the Lee’s Summit West Booster Club, and a Booster Parent for Girls Cross Country team.

As Juanice Williams steps into the campaign for the Lee’s Summit Board of Education, her Family First perspective promises a focus on creating a positive and nurturing school environment for students by providing additional support services for students, families, and staff. Williams will be an advocate for the needs of teachers to ensure the continued success of Lee’s Summit schools.