May 11, 2024

The Lee’s Summit City Council met May 7 to discuss these issues.

Mayor Pro Tempore Appointment
Mayor Bill Baird appointed District 4 Councilmember Beto Lopez as mayor pro tempore. Beto Lopez has served as mayor pro tempore since 2018. In accordance with the City of Lee’s Summit Charter, the mayor shall appoint annually, a mayor pro tempore no later than the first regular meeting of the City Council in May. The mayor pro tempore assumes the powers and the duties of the mayor during the absence or disability of the mayor, or if a vacancy occurs. The mayor pro tempore also appoints, with the advice and consent of the majority of the council, all council committees and liaisons no later than the first regular council meeting in June.

Proclamation of Building Safety Month for May 2024
Mayor Baird issued a proclamation declaring May 2024 Building Safety Month. The purpose of the month is to raise awareness about building safety on a personal, local and global scale. This year’s campaign theme, “Mission Possible,” reinforces the need for the adoption of modern, regularly updated building codes, and helps individuals, families and businesses understand what it takes to create safe and sustainable structures.
All communities need building codes to protect citizens from everyday disasters like fires, weather-related events such as floods, and structural collapses that can follow deterioration over time.

Drinking Water Week
Mayor Baird proclaimed May 5-11 as Drinking Water Week, recognizing the vital role public drinking water systems have in daily life, health, fire protection and the economy. Drinking Water Week also acknowledges the City’s Water Department which maintains and keeps our drinking water safe and reliable for residents, and are stewards of the water infrastructure for future generations.

Historic Preservation Month
Mayor Baird issued a proclamation declaring May 2024 National Historic Preservation Month. Historic preservation is an effective tool for preserving the community’s history, managing growth, revitalizing neighborhoods, fostering local pride and maintaining community character while enhancing livability. The theme for 2024, “People Saving Places,” encourages people to join the effort to preserve historic places for generations to come.

In remembrance of Lee’s Summit history and notable historic figures, the Lee’s Summit Cultural Commission encourages all residents and visitors of Lee’s Summit to celebrate the role of history in our lives and champion the preservation of our community as it grows and develops into the future.

Unified Development Ordinance Revisions
The City Council held a public hearing on recommended amendments to the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO). This series of UDO housing updates involves single-family development requirements, multi-family development requirements and the cluster development option.

These proposed UDO updates as presented provide opportunities to increase housing choice options, encourage missing middle and workforce housing, and increase overall housing diversity. In addition, expanding housing choices for developers and including smaller lot size requirements also provides more options for bringing more affordable and attainable housing options to the market.

The next meeting is May 14.

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