Last day of high school, May 2024, at Gusto Coffee at The New Longview Shopping Center. Left to right: Nicole Breshears, Angie Miller, Christine Laird, Heather Lanigan, Angie Touzinsky, Heather Theiss. Not pictured-Annette Honey.

May 25, 2024

By Kristin Nolte

There is a group of seven moms from Lee’s Summit West High School who have seniors graduating this year.

They met on their children’s first day of kindergarten at Longview Farm Elementary and went out for coffee at Gusto Coffee that morning. They’ve met for coffee once a month for the past 13 years.

People have joined the group and left throughout those years, but the same seven remain. [I myself have been added as an honorary member for 10 years, but my own daughter is a junior.] We even met on driveways throughout the COVID years to socially distance.

They call themselves The Momtourage and they are amazing women. They’ve helped each other through school and childhood dilemmas, divorce, death of a child, death of a grandchild, spouses with cancer, etc., etc., etc. [They’ve been a lifeline for me.]

The Momtourage met for the last time this past week on the senior’s last day of school.

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