March is here, which brings two of my favorite things; St. Patrick’s Day and warmer weather. This year the Spring Equinox falls on March 20th, which marks the “official” first day of spring. However, we know all too well that date isn’t concrete. Did you know per capita Kansas City has the most unpredictable weather patterns in the United States? It’s not surprising when you take into consideration the day-to-day temperature fluctuations and severe weather we have.

The Rock Island Shared Use Path Groundbreaking date has officially been set! It will be held at Hartman Park in Lee’s Summit Thursday, March 8th. Phase 1 will include a portion of the 17.7 miles of the Rock Island Corridor purchased by Jackson County and the KCATA in 2016. The first phase will stretch from Brickyard Road in Kansas City to Jefferson Street in Lee’s Summit. The Rock Island Shared Use Path is going to be a great addition to Jackson County’s already wonderful trail system. This has been a much anticipated project within the county, and I look forward to seeing it progress.

During the legislative meeting on February 9th we received an update from the Chair, Rhonda Holman, and Vice Chair, Dr. Jovanna Rohs, of the Children’s Services Fund. The CSF was approved by the voters of Jackson County in November 2016. This is a volunteer board which was appointed in 2017 by the county executive to govern the fund. The board is in the process of searching for a director, which would be a paid position. The fund is a product of Missouri statute that allows counties to approve a tax that creates a direct fund for services to children generally with mental health and behavioral health services. This is the 9th fund in the state of Missouri to be created. The CSF helps children up to 19 years old, where the treatment is also a part of the family function, it allows for some support for the family. This .125 cent sales tax has generated 8.4 million since April 2017, they expect to generate 11 million in a full year. The board has allocated 5.7 million to 53 varies agencies. At this point their only cost is a $7,500.00 contract they have with Greater KC Community Foundation which helps with some administrative needs.

I had the honor of attending the 122nd Correction Officer Academy Graduation. It is always moving to see the excitement and enthusiasm of the graduates and how proud their loved ones are of them. Carrying out the duties of a CO is not an easy task. The 14 new CO”s completed a 120 hour training program. Correction Officer’s play such a valuable role in our jail. As a legislator I am dedicated to help all of our Correction Officer’s to be successful. It takes a very dedicated and compassionate individual to hold this position. It is certainly not a job for everyone, I am grateful that Jackson County has so many dedicated men and women within our detention center.

On Sunday, February 18th two block houses, the officer’s quarters and portions of the palisade fence at the For Osage National Landmark and Education Center sustained damage due to a grass fire caused by strong winds and dry weather conditions. Several fire departments responded and quickly gained control of the fire. Fort Osage re-opened on February 27th. The majority of the items damaged were reproduction items used for interpretation such as military uniforms and rope beds. On the positive side no one was hurt and all of the scheduled events are still on schedule. Fort Osage has been reconstructed to reflect as it stood in 1808 when it was built under the direction of General William Clark. General Clark was the joint commander of the famous Lewis and Clark expedition. You can read more about the history of Fort Osage on the Jackson County website.

Have you downloaded the new Jackson County Parks + Rec mobile app? I just did, I am an iPhone/apple user. I downloaded the Civicplus, Inc. app first and searched Jackson County MO Parks and Rec. It was easy and I’m so excited to be able to get direct updates and find information about our parks with the touch of a button. The mobile app is available for iPhone/apple users and Android/Google users.

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