By Diane Krizek
Tribune Reporter

On March 6, Valley Oaks Steak Company reported on its Facebook page that a steer at one of its Lone Jack pasture farms had been shot and killed. The next day, a second steer was found fatally shot.

On March 8, Chief Bill Forbes of the Lone Jack Police department confirmed that two cows owned by the Valley Oaks Steak Company had been killed with “what appeared to be high powered rifles” at an area south of Missouri Highway 150 and Hutt Road. Later that day, Valley Oaks Steak Company reported that a pregnant heifer had been unlawfully shot.

The Missouri Cattlemen’s Association issued a press release with attention to Johnson and Jackson counties offering a $5,000 reward for information leading “to a felony conviction of who is shooting cattle at Valley Oaks Angus Farms.” The Association insinuated that the perpetrator was one of those “groups that are relentless in their efforts to stop modern agriculture.”

Lone Jack Neighbors for Responsible Farming that includes livestock producers responded with its statement thanking the Association for its timely response. “Hopefully, the Association’s swift actions, offer of a reward, and the federal prosecution for whomever is responsible will help keep other beef producers from having such a loss.”

Anyone with information about these three cattle shootings should contact the Lone Jack Police Department at 816-697-2417.